An Ode to Corporate Legal Counsels & Makers of Digital Services

Photo Credit: Tetiana Shyshkina

Come prepared

Preparation is key.

Approval by Proxy*

While doing (competitor) research for your project you should simultaneously dive into how they manage GDPR, terms and privacy.

Uncover and be Honest about Risks

There are always a bunch of risks related to building digital services and storing customer data. So be honest about it.

Be the good guy!

Corporate Legal Counsels are human beings — believe it or not ;-)

Get Involved with Senior Legal Counsellors

Most often a legal department will send the young recently qualified council to digital projects — because “they get it”.

Show Mockups, Prototypes and Customer Journeys

(Corporate Legal Counsels are human beings, part 2).

Be explicit — talk about “Active Consents”

Corporate Legal Counsels and Makers of digital ventures see the world from two very different perspectives. Don’t take anything for granted! Use a prototype as a catalyst during those discussions.



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Simon Schultz

Simon Schultz


Former Prehype Partner. Digital Product Maker for 20+ years. Currently exited about advanced Ecommerce Platforms.