Stuff — Building a proper alternative

Simon Schultz
2 min readDec 13, 2018

Since mid-2017 I have spent most of my time in my allotment garden — growing vegetables, playing chess and learning to play the piano.

But I have also spent time thinking about my next venture. Something that would make sense, and that could be bootstrapped and built with good friends.

So we’ve built Stuff…

Together with the best technology and creative leads I could imagine — my mighty fine friends Mads Jakob Poulsen and Thomas Kenne — we have spent the past couple of months bringing Stuff to life.

Stuff is a platform for your digital invitations, public and private.

It’s a simple browser and email interface that keeps you on top of what public events you could attend — and it keeps you updated on the private events which shouldn’t be missed. It’s great for both guests and organizers. Period.

We are not saving the world or hitting any of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. But we will be doing our utmost to create a better alternative to eg. Facebook. As the past 12 months have shown, platforms like Facebook need to be broken up in smaller pieces so we can get both privacy and transparency back.

We will take part in that transformation via Stuff. We are just digital invitations. We collect only necessary data, and we’re platform agnostic, meaning Stuff works with whatever calendar tool you are already using.

We are launching Stuff today — see it on

We initially focus on New York and Copenhagen for public events, while everyone can use the platform for private invitations. Hopefully we will be crossing paths with numerous people and new competitors, who also believe that there is space for New Kids on The Block.

I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks and months. It will be awesome.

Please give it a whirl on Or follow us on Twitter.



Simon Schultz

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