Corporate Legal Counsels are way too often seen as an obstruction on new digital products, services and ventures.

But if you come prepared and spend time with legal counsels you will most often find, that ends meet — and you can launch the exact service you want to launch.


Since COVID-19 put civilizations in a deadlock, everyone’s been thinking about and working on solutions to understand, limit and trace the spread of the disease.

Parts of these programs have been a large amount of mobile applications that should support that exact mission. Early on private companies offered different solutions…

Building a mobile application rather than a mobile web service never sparks hard questions or good conversations in many startups and project organisations.
It’s a safe bet. We laugh. It’s sexy!

We launched Stuff officially in January. As a web service. …

A company can learn more from people sharing their experiences than from numbers in a spreadsheet

At Stuff we do not have a bunch of principles and structures—but we do have one very important one: Everyone in the company reads our incoming support emails.

The past 20 years as a project manager, product owner, digital product developer, head of blah blah, and founder have taught me…

Since mid-2017 I have spent most of my time in my allotment garden — growing vegetables, playing chess and learning to play the piano.

But I have also spent time thinking about my next venture. Something that would make sense, and that could be bootstrapped and built with good friends.

Simon Schultz

Former Prehype Partner. Maker of digital products for 20 years. Co-founder of

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